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DooM Squad Airsoft

About Us

Doom Squad Airsoft is an airsoft clan located in the Pacific Northwest, USA. We enjoy running around in the woods and shooting each other with plastic BBs in fast paced, semi-competitive war gaming. We often take ideas from video games such as Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and apply them to custom airsoft games.

Our games incorporate pyrotechnics, realistic props, special airsoft weapons, and computerized point tracking systems. We love this action pursuit sport and we are always looking for innovative game experiences. Come out to play sometime, we'd love to have you!

Upcoming Events

Operation: Green Fox III

The year is 2019. The scientific community is baffled as a rare, exotic material dubbed DooMium has mysteriously appeared throughout Bluunia. Enticed by the idea of weaponizing the material and becoming a global superpower, the country of Reddskad sends an invasion force to occupy Bluunia and collect the rare material.

Will Reddskad launch a successful invation? Or will DooMium remain under control of it's origin country Bluunia? Join us for Operation: Green Fox III at the Grimmett Complex in spring 2019. The fate of DooMium and Bluunia rests in your hands...